4 options to apply to open a S.A.T Training Center.

1. Students and former students of the IAW who have reached the 5th Student Level of WingChun can directly apply for a licence and start as an S.A.T Instructor.

2. Students and former students of the IAW who have not yet reached the 5th Student Level but have attended at least 3 S.A.T seminars with GM, Sifu K. Brand, can also apply directly for a licence and start as an S.A.T instructor.

3. Active S.A.T students who would like to open and lead a group themselves should inform their S.A.T instructor about this plan. The instructors then contact me to coordinate the preparation.

4. Interested parties who have not yet belonged to one of our training centers can acquire the qualification at a seminar specially advertised for this purpose.

Additional information regarding further training and identification of the S.A.T instructors.

The awards listed below require regular continuing education and are comparable to the advanced Student Level (white), the lower Technician Grades (silver) as well as the upper Technician Grades (gold) and the Master Degree (gold).

Active, licensed S.A.T instructors receive a white instructor patch as identification. S.A.T instructors who successfully manage a S.A.T training center for approximately 3 years (or managed a WingChun training center during the past 3 years) receive a patch in silver. S.A.T instructors who successfully lead a training center for approximately 6 years receive a golden patch. This award serves to recognize achievements. For special achievements, an Instructor may one day also be promoted to a Master.

GM K Brand reserves the right to award the title of Sifu for services related to the dissemination of the S.A.T.




Licence fees of the S.A.T Association

The licence fee per training center is $35 monthly or $300 yearly.

The licence includes the use of the logos for the appearance as well as for the production and sale of the required training clothes. The license guarantees exclusive use of the privileges in one city. The opening of other training centers in possibly directly adjacent cities will only be approved after consultation with the license holder.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.